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What should be paid attention to when using and saving marble mechanical components?

2022-04-20 11:54:24
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The marble mechanical components are made of natural stone, which are used for the flatness inspection of the working surface of instruments and mechanical parts, especially for the measurement of. Marble mechanical component is a benchmark measuring tool made of natural stone materials. It is an ideal benchmark for the inspection of instruments, tools and mechanical parts. Especially in the measurement of cast iron, cast iron mechanical components are dwarfed by its characteristics. Marble mechanical components are also workbenches indispensable for marking, measuring, riveting and welding and tooling technology. Marble mechanical components can also be used as mechanical test benches. Marble mechanical components are indispensable products in more than 20 industries such as machine tool, machinery manufacturing and electronic production

what should be paid attention to when using and storing marble mechanical components? Next, let me give you a detailed introduction:

first, do not place other items on the marble mechanical components, do not knock or bump the marble mechanical components, and use alcohol with a concentration of 75% ethanol as the detergent. Avoid using liquid with severe corrosion as detergent

II. When moving the orientation of marble mechanical components, it is necessary to re adjust the levelness

III. when repeatedly measuring the accuracy of the same workpiece, it should be selected in the same period when the temperature is stable

IV. the component of the workpiece shall not exceed the rated load of the plate, otherwise it will drop the operation, and may damage the structure of the plate, form the deformation of the plate and cannot be used

v. marble mechanical components shall be placed in a dry and ventilated environment with low noise, less dust, no vibration, stable temperature

VI. the mechanical components shall be cleaned in real time, and the marble mechanical components shall be cleaned when not necessary. Then apply a layer of antirust oil on the surface of mechanical components and all steel parts on the surface, cover it with antirust paper and cover it with the outer package of marble mechanical components, so as to avoid the damage to granite flat plate caused by carelessness

VII. In the process of application, the workpiece on the marble mechanical component shall be handled with care, and the rough workpiece shall not be moved on the mechanical component, so as to avoid bumping, scratching and other damage to the surface of the mechanical component

VIII. The workpiece shall be placed on the marble mechanical components slowly, and the marble mechanical components shall not be used. Avoid the mechanical components of Dali from being hit, forming the deformation and damage of mechanical components

IX. place the workpiece to be measured and relevant measuring tools on the flat plate for 35 minutes and measure it after the temperature is used to it

X. clean the sundries that may be left on it after each use; Scrub the board surface clean (it can be cleaned with neutral detergent) and cover it with protective cover

Xi. After use, in order to avoid the overall deformation of marble mechanical components, the workpiece shall be removed from the mechanical components to avoid the long-term heavy pressure of the workpiece on the granite plate and form the deformation of marble mechanical components

the purpose of fine grinding of marble mechanical components is to further precision the flatness of semi fine grinding to the basis of precision. The fine grinding of marble inspection mechanical components with precision shall be carried out manually. The intention of fine grinding is to further grind the marble inspection mechanical components with precision directly to the required precision. The marble inspection mechanical components that have reached the standard accuracy after careful grinding are polished. The polished marble inspection mechanical components have smooth surface, not easy to wear, high plane roughness value and stable accuracy. The marble mechanical components are completed. First, rough grind the marble inspection mechanical components that need to be repaired. The purpose of rough grinding is to rough grind the thickness and flatness of the marble inspection mechanical components under the standard. The rough ground marble mechanical components shall be subject to secondary semi-fine grinding. The purpose of semi-fine grinding is to reach the standard flatness after removing deep scratches. After the initial adjustment is qualified, it shall be copied after standing for 12 hours. If it is unqualified, it shall be adjusted again. If it is qualified, it can be used

marble mechanical components are manufactured by using the characteristics of granite and are used to measure the accuracy of parts in industrial production. Protection, maintenance and accuracy of components: marble mechanical components are lean and smooth in measurement, without astringency. The measurement of the working surface is accurate, and the usual scratch does not affect the measurement accuracy. It is not afraid of acid and erosion, will not rust, does not need oil, is not easy to stick to micro dust, has convenient and simple protection and maintenance, and has a good service life. The machining and application accuracy of marble mechanical components can be applied to industrial production and laboratory measurement. The working surface of marble mechanical components shall not have sand holes, shrinkage porosity, scratches, bumps, pores, cracks, slag rust and other defects that seriously affect the appearance and application performance